Seeing is better knowing.

You see, we're highly social creatures, the human race in general can't survive without interacting with one another. Now that technology is helping us connect remotely, this shouldn't always be preferred as the way of communication. Some meetings are best conducted when they happen face to face. The dynamic interaction a physical meet gives cannot be provided by other means. You also agree with this point right? So what's keeping you still, hop into our office for a "charcha over chai".

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See, it's not that we're always hungry for money. Sure, money is important but also it's important to make sure deserving businesses get the right direction. If we feel that your business idea is amazing, we can treat you with a free consultancy. Sweet right? So if you think your business has something unique and out of the box? Ping us, we'll sort you out

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Raipur, India

Building No. N/2, Main Road, Beside Indian Bank, Avanti Vihar, Raipur 492001

Mumbai, India

C/o The Boardroom co-working, Modi House, 1st Floor, Off link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai-400053