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Do you still rely on traditional methods and mediums for marketing purposes? Are you aware of the vast possibilities present in the online world waiting for your business? Digital marketing opens many doors for your business. Sampark Infoways, leading digital marketing company in India believes the market is changing and marketing efforts need to go digital for better growth of a business. We're a digital marketing firm that's focussed on results and high Return on investments (ROIs).

We evaluate your brand's current state and create unique strategies that maximizes profits. Our primary focus is to work efficiently and productively so to help you achieve your objectives and goals. More than achieving high ROI we also strive to make your brand's online presence stand out and develop authority among your rivals. Make the right investment and contact Sampark Infoways to make your online voyage smooth.

Digital Marketing Company in India

Importance of Digital Marketing for businesses?

Worldwide reach - Marketing through digital media gets your brand more reach than traditional marketing mediums like newspapers, radio and TV. Digital marketing solutions by Sampark Infoways allows businesses to find new audiences, markets and opportunities at an economical cost. Unlike traditional mediums, your audience is not limited by any region, once you go digital your business gets visibilty from people across the world. By marketing digitally you also open new avenues for foreign trade.

Targeted nature - Unlike traditional mediums, your marketing efforts in digital world are not like throwing darts in the dark. With digital marketing you can heavily filter down your target audience and push out marketing materials to them at a lower cost. With platforms like google, facebook, linkedin etc. you can specify who you want to target by selecting their demographics, age, gender, interests etc. With targeted marketing, your ROI increases exponentially. With such targeted activities, you can consistently deliver your audience offers till they convert.

Measurable results - One of the many advantages that traditional media fail to deliver is trackable results. Every digital marketing platform out there provides advertisers a detailed analysis of their brand's reach, engagement, cost per lead, click through rates and many more. Web analytics platforms like google analytics help decode your campaign as to how customers interacted with your marketed materials, how many visited your website etc. You can also measure key performance indicators like customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value etc.

High conversion rates - Since the marketing is highly targeted on digital media, only those people interact with your brand whose interests lie in the same zone as your products/services. The cost per lead is also very economical. Not only your sales increase but your brand value and customer loyalty also gets a big boost. Digital marketing could anyday be preferred in comparsion to activities like cold-calling, pamphlet distribution etc.

Why Choose Sampark for Digital Marketing

Performance oriented

We at Sampark Infoways, believe in generating high ROIs through our digital marketing solutions. Our vision while setting out a campaign is very clear, to make the most out of any marketing activity. We evaluate your brand, analyse market competition and create strategies that focus on maximizing profits. Our strategic campaigns help your business achieve long term goals in short period of time.

Experienced company

We are successfully thriving in the IT and digital marketing space since our inception in 2010. Having an experience of more than 10 years, we have developed enough expertise that enables us to solve our clients' most complex challenges. We have served many reputable clients by providing them with high converting digital marketing solutions.

Highly skilled team

Our highly skilled and trained marketing professionals have both the expertise and experience to boost any business's online presence. They have a sound knowledge of current trends and valuable insights of marketing industry. Our clients have counted on them at many occasions and never they have been let down.

All-round solutions

Sampark Infoways takes pride in giving clients a little more extra than what they paid for. Our integrated digital marketing solutions include various services like SEO, SMM, SMO, Link building, Email marketing, online reputation management and many more. Taste success with solutions never found elsewhere provided by Sampark Infoways.

Digital Marketing Services at Sampark

Sampark Infoways like its best all-round IT solutions, also provides 360° digital marketing services. Digital marketing is a vast domain and to fully benefit from it, we provide following services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Practice and process of making a website rank higher in search engine result page. A business which isn't visible, doesn't exist. Sampark Infoways's SEO solutions make your website visible through bright light. Read More

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Only SEO isn't sufficient to make a website rank high. Some paid tools such as search engine marketing are used to complement the SEO strategies and increase the website's visibility. Read More

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Right now, everybody is now social media. It plays an essential part in making a business highly visible to people. With proper strategizing, social media marketing can offer you great results and success. Read More

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Also one of the widely used paid method of increasing visibility. The catch here is, you only pay when a visitor clicks the link of your website. Read More

Content Marketing

Pushing out relevant and useful content to people in form of blogs, newsletters and ebooks can greatly increase engagements and customer loyalty. With time, this option is gradually getting considered in the whole marketing campaign. Read More

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Frequently Asked questions

Any marketing, promotional or advertising activity which is pushed out through online channels like emails, websites, social media, apps and social media can be termed under digital marketing.

There are numerous aspects and practices that come under the huge umbrella we call “Digital Marketing”. SEO, Social media marketing, Pay per Click marketing, SEM, Content marketing, Email marketing, affiliate marketing etc.

Sampark Infoways, a performance oriented digital marketing company in India takes in consideration all the aforementioned aspects to give its clients the best service package in the market.

There are many reasons as to why you should consider digital marketing. First and foremost, would be to get high returns on investment. Marketing digitally is economical to the pocket and offers high conversions as compared to traditional marketing methods. It also helps you to target your audience more effectively so that you don’t spend extra in throwing darts in the dark.

Sampark Infoways helps strengthen your online presence by making you matter digitally through advanced analytics and unique strategies.

It is said that one should tread on unknown roads with someone having the expertise and experience of travelling through them. Sampark Infoways since its inception in 2010 has quickly rose in these years as the best digital marketing company in India. We have with us a highly innovative team that knows how to steer a brand to success. Having catered more than 100+ clients so far, we have successfully put our name in the good books and risen as a premier digital solutions provider.