Mobile App Development Company in India

With the world incrasingly becoming mobile these days, people's consumption of internet through their smartphones is rising spontaneously. Now every family member of any house has a personal phone to use. Businesses can capitalize the current trend and create highly fuctional mobile applications for provision of their products and services. A good mobile application also boosts brand value, and catch audience's attention. With brand value, a mobile application also helps in reinforcing customer loyalty and brand visibility.

With more than 10 years of experience, Sampark Infoways has risen as the most trustworthy mobile app development company in India. A business can benefit a lot by having their own app and we at Sampark Infoways understand the importance of the same. We develop highly secured and functional custom mobile apps for Android and iOS that are made in line with your requirements and goals. Our highly skilled team takes responsibilty from the app's concept to its regular maintenance. Having solved problems of more than 100 clients, we going more strong than ever.

Mobile App Development Company in India

App Development Process at Sampark

Ideation and Market Research - The first stage of our mobile app development process is idea generation. Clients have sometimes a clear picture about what exactly they need in their app and what goals they wish to achieve through it. Sometimes they don’t. In both cases, we at Sampark Infoways, a reliable mobile app development company in India devote significant time in brainstorming and mind mapping the concept.

Once the idea is generated, we put effort in conducting a proper market study which helps us to analyse the competition, gain useful insights of the respective industry and come up with a list of requirements.

We then determine the app objective, its target audience, USP, OS platform, development timeframe etc.

Designing UI/UX of the app - After market research, gathering useful information and developing a blueprint of the app we shift our focus to these important factors i.e. User Interface and User Experience design. These two factors largely determine the success of any app. UI refers to the visual design and UX, the science of bringing app elements in line with human interactions.

We at Sampark Infoways while designing UI/UX incorporate finer processes like information architecture, it is the design framework wherein all data, functionalities and interface is specified in a workflow pattern. It helps depict how the app is used in step-wise fashion.

Further down the road, we use wireframes, it is a skeletal outline of the initial concept of the app. It provides us a clear overview of a page’s structure, its layout, user flow, functionality etc. Also it helps us to reposition UI elements according to users’ convenience.

Post wireframing, we create multiple mockups of the visual design. A Mockup provides us an overview of the various interconnections between UI elements and help us understand the flow of the app.

A Mockup only provides a static overview of the design. For understanding the dynamic workings, we create demos of the app called prototypes. Prototypes help us in understanding the app’s actual workflow, visual interface and user experience.

Development of the App - The responsibility of the app now shifts to the developers as they begin coding it. They look over back-end development which includes synchronizing database and servers to the application. The network issues and removed and necessary configurations are made.

The focus is then shifted towards configuring the API (Application Programming Interface). API helps interconnecting the app with not only the server and database but to the OS components as well.

In the final phase of development comes front-end development. It is the front-end where users interact with the app and the API manages data with the back-end server and database.

App testing - An important process of developing an app, Testing is basically done to analyse the quality of the app and identify any bugs or issues present. The testing process resolves all defects of the app that may would have hindered its functioning in the future. The process gets completed when all the bugs are squashed.

Launch of the App - Now that the app is ready, we start the process of launching it. The common platforms on which the app is put up are Google Play Store and Apple App Store. All the necessary guidelines of the platforms are met and the app is finally launched.

Maintenance of Marketing - Once the app is set up, we provide our secured and reliable maintenance service for 1 whole year. Any bug or issue reported by users are quickly taken into consideration and solved promptly without any delay.

We also provide robust marketing solutions for launched apps, we create strategies that increase the count of downloads, user engagement and satisfaction.

Final Words - The development process of mobile apps practiced by Sampark Infoways has garnered much appreciation from the many clients it has served. Having a requirement of a mobile app? Contact us to get a quote.

Why Sampark for mobile app development?

Our Experience:

Sampark Infoways, since its foundation in 2010 has been continuously delivering the most secured, reliable and functional mobile app development solutions to clients all over India. Being in the industry for more than 10 years, we have successfully attained the leading position in providing best in class customized mobile apps and IT solutions.

Our highly skilled team:

Our team of incredibly skilled and experienced UI/UX designers and developers know how to create aesthetic yet highly functional mobile apps. Both our teams create apps keeping in mind user behavior and patterns. Our goal is to make highly utilitarian products and services that brings out innovation and makes life of both the clients and users easy.

Our all-round solutions:

Apart from mobile app development; Sampark Infoways, an all-round IT solutions provider also specializes in offering best IT services, business consultancy, website design/development, software development, project management etc. It becomes your one-stop place to redefine your digital and IT tools that help your business prosper like never before. Visit our “Other Service” section to know about our more such services.

Our vast clientele:

With an enormous experience of 10+ years, we have served more than 100 clients with our different services. Our clients have noticed a significant boost in their business after acquiring our services. Some of our reputable clients include Concept Kitchen, Roadwe, Balco Medical Centre etc. Visit our “Work” section to view all our projects and clients.

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Frequently Asked questions

We are living in the digital age, where every other person is on the internet. With technologies advancing rapidly, it becomes imperative for businesses to keep up with it. Mobile app is one of the way through which a business can provide their services/products effectively. With mobile apps you can attract hundreds of customers out there on the Internet, provide them offers/discounts/support, get higher engagements and build a sound communication system with them.

Mobile apps give you the opportunity to regularly engage with your customers, gain their loyalty and increase your brand awareness. This one-time investment will reap you great returns in the future. As the world is increasingly going online Sampark Infoways, a renowned mobile app development company helps your business thrive by providing customized, secured and maintenance included mobile app development solutions.

The rate of developing an app can vary greatly depending on your requirements. The simple apps having basic functionality generally cost less than complex ones having multiple functionalities. Contact us to get a quote regarding the same.

Yes, from deciding the concept of your app till its regular maintenance the sole responsibility is ours. The app would be put on all your desired platform’s app store, be it Apple’s or Google’s.

Yes, after the development and launch of your app is done, we provide regular maintenance services that squash every bug and make the experience for your users seamless and smooth.